High End Photogrammetry –
for higher and the highest demands!

The iXM 100MP is a high-productivity metric camera with a range of specially designed RSM lenses. The iXM cameras are ready for easy integration with a wide range of UAV platforms, including Phase One’s DJI Matrice 600 Pro solution. The cameras deliver superior quality in aerial imaging and flexible operation to satisfy diverse mapping, surveying, and inspection applications.

Presently we are focusing on mapping, surveying and construction. In a world where nowadyas surveyor is not just measuring points the border between a survey and an inspection is just a workflow. We offer both.

AI-Survey decided to use Phaseone‘s iXM100 camera for achieving highest possible accuracies for all kind of photrammetry missions. Knowing that we are capable of achieving these accuracies we decided to set a new standard for photogrammetric applications.

Within our workflow, of course, the customer decides what will be the outcome. The difference between us and the common uav market is that we fly high end but can down scale the outcome.

We are not willing to compete low budget consumer drones we are willing to simply offer best achievable data with the most profitable outcome for our customers.

Nothing more but nothing less!