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AI-Survey and GeoCue

AI-Survey GmbH and GeoCue Group Inc. sign distributor agreement.
In addition to sales exclusivity for Germany, the AI-Survey will become Europe’s service and logistics center
for GeoCue. First time in Europe we’ll launch, a commercial UAV LIDAR subscription business model
Yes, (A)I Scan!
Von |März 2nd, 2020|

New AI-Survey Training modules

With a constantly growing team, we are expanding our range in response to the high demand!
We hope to see you soon at one of our office locations in Altenkirchen, Dresden, Kassel or at your company!
# dervermessungslösungsanbieterihresvertrauens

Von |Januar 17th, 2020|

That’s it – Nordbau & Intergeo 2019

We’ve had exciting two weeks of exhibitions. Your feedback regarding our philosphy and the way we are driving the business is just overwhelming. It’s only possible with you supporting us!


Von |September 21st, 2019|
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