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Since 2010 we are in the area of UAV. As surveyors, we meet our customers at eye level and understand exactly what they need and what results need to be achieved. Our global experience from more than 5000 projects, from hundreds of trainings with international participants and from 10 years of support in the field of Kopter are the basis of our philosophy: From surveyors for surveyors.
We want you to benefit from our knowledge. An optimized, manufacturer-independent workflow in combination with support at eye level will increase your efficiency, reduce your costs and inspire you. Accuracy does not necessarily have to be expensive!

Your application defines the necessary hardware and not the brand!

Please have a look and feel yourself always welcome.

Your aiSurvey team


We are excited to announce Helmut Schultz GmbH, Full-range supplier, is another strong partner. Together, we shape customer solutions! #dervermessungslösungsanbieterihresvertrauens #shapingcustomersolutions [...]


The shortest connection between two points is a straight line!

This is how we define the efficiency of our workflow. Although a multitude of additional functions are available with both software and hardware, we focus on what is essential for you.

Our workflow begins with the consideration of the desired result and then orientates itself purposefully towards the efficient realization. Thereby, you decide what you need. If your needs increase, for example because more applications are added to your company portfolio, we expand our workflow. It is individually tailored to your needs but can also be used universally.


Kompakte Lösungen


Fast, efficient, simple and reliable to handle.
This will give you results of 5 – 10 cm. With our UAV package for the building sector, we offer you a tailor-made solution for your requirement profile.


Fast and efficient, simple and reliable during the handling.
In this way you can achieve results in millimeter range. Our UAV package for geodesists is exactly tailored to your requirements.

Area acquisition

Efficient acquisition of larger areas, simple and reliable to handle.
In this way, you can achieve results in centimeter range. Our defined UAV package is optimized for the tasks of area acquisition.

PPK Upgrade

Most efficient, high-precision type of UAV surveying. Accuracies in the cm range, without the use of control points. Minimize your preparation time and increase your efficiency many times over with the most modern type of UAV flying today.

Survey Solutions

We are adding new products to our existing UAS technology and solutions. Such as total stations, laser scanner and GNSS systems. That allows us to cover the full range of classical geodesy and surveying applications.

Processing Software

A new concept of software for processing all types of geospatial data with real integration of different information as well as a software solution tracking all processes from calculation to invoicing based on graphical data.


Whether newcomer or already advanced – our UAV & Workflow Training has new experiences, tips and tricks from experts waiting for you. The training takes place 70 km in the south of Cologne. Spend 2 or 4 days with us in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Enjoy the advantages of the location, which allows us to change from the training room directly to the flight level. Stay overnight on site. The training is carried out with our training equipment.

Proof of knowledge

1-2 days

Basic training UAV/UAS in theory and practice incl. test for proof of knowledge §21d LuftVO (drone driving license)

UAV/UAS Training

2 days

UAV basic training consisting of theory and practice to acquire the necessary skills to use a UAV

Workflow Training

2 days

Application training to learn all necessary knowledge for an optimized surveying workflow

Combined Training UAV/UAS + Workflow

4 days

Combined UAV/UAS and application training consisting of a theoretical part and a practical part for learning all flight-related skills and surveying applications

Project support

We can support you in the implementation of your UAV projects with our technical know-how and manpower. No matter what you must fly, we are your contact partner. Our service portfolio includes:

You will find your tasks in one or more applications, then contact us. Together we define your solution.

Our team

As a special service in the UAV sector, we offer you the entire service portfolio of geodesy.

Surveying, laser scanning, experts, valuation, satellite surveying, environmental technology, real-time GNSS, photogrammetry, geoinformation and, of course, consulting together constitute our strong portfolio!

We operate independently of manufacturers, but we have an enormous international network at our disposal and enjoy professional technology partners and friendships that have grown over many years!

Contact us and become part of the professional aiSurvey network. Benefit from the competence of the aiSurvey team.

Carsten Rudolph
Managing Director